Aspirator Electric
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NO TAX outside of Michigan 

  • Does not require water
  • Excellent suction
  • Tubing included

Product Details

  • The Pierce Primeless Electric Aspirator is light in weight and compact in design. It is housed in a non-breakable plastic case. The motor is rated at 1/3 HP, the pump is self priming and permanently oiled.

  • The Pierce Primeless Electric Aspirator operates as a dry aspirator, requiring no water attachments or expensive plumbing additions. The danger of contaminating the water supply in the building is completely eliminated with this unit.

  • The Pierce Primeless Electric Aspirator has a preset vacuum of 17 inches, more than adequate to aspirate most bodies. The Pierce Primeless Electric Aspirator is equipped with a bleeder valve that enables the operator to regulate the amount of suction according to case requirements, should a vacuum of under or over 17 inches be necessary.

  • When aspiration is completed, place trocar in the sink with holes submerged and pump clean water through the aspirator until the water coming through the pump is clear. Allow the water to discharge before turning off the machine. The machine is ready for the next case.

  • The Pierce Primeless Electric Aspirator is provided with plastic tubing, rubber tubing and complete operating instructions.
  • Item #: PW0901200

Aspirator Electric

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