Citrus Airbrush Cleaner 8 oz.
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Dinair Airbrush Makeup Citrus Cleaner is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaner.

The Citrus Cleaner will safely and gently dissolve Glamour, Shimmer, Colair, and Opalescent from the airbrush, stencils, and other surfaces. For Dinair's other makeup lines; (Paramedical/ Camouflage, Fantasy, and Brights) rubbing alcohol can be used to clean makeup from the airbrush.


  1. Shortly after each use, rinse out the remaining makeup with a few drops of Citrus Cleaner and water.
  2. Spray any excess cleaning solution into a sink, tissue, or waste basket. Your airbrush is now clean and can be stored away until you're ready for your next makeup application. Clean your airbrush regularly to get the best results
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Citrus Airbrush Cleaner 8 oz.

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